What is TeamPrinter?

TeamPrinter is a service that lets people print from their mobile devices and computers remotely (wherever they are) to PrintSpots run by participating providers (other people or businesses in a selected area).

Who can provide printing services?

Anyone can set up a PrintSpot in order to start providing printing services in a given area and earn money, including you. TeamPrinter is meant for local individuals and businesses who would like to provide printing services on-site and set their own terms, pricing, and schedule. PrintSpot may be a nice addition to your existing business as well.

Where do I begin?

All you need to provide printing services is a Windows computer or Android device connected to the Internet and a printer. First, you need to install our software for your platform (see below) and register with the system. Then you create your PrintSpot – this is how people will find you on the map. You also need to setup Printing Profiles – the services you offer such as printing documents and photos. Each Printing Profile is associated with the specific printer, has per-page pricing and other options. Users will see your Printing Profiles as Services and will be able to choose which one they need. Once all this is done, users will be able to find your PrintSpot on the map from their mobile devices and computers and print to it. You’ll see incoming print jobs that you can print or reject. In order to print a job, you would need a unique access code provided by the users when they come to pay and pick up the printouts.

I have a Windows computer

First, you need to setup your printers using Windows, the software and the drivers from printer manufacturers such as HP, Brother, Epson, etc. Make sure it works and you can print from any Windows program. If you have it already – great! Then install TeamPrinter Spot for Windows, setup your PrintSpot and Printing Profiles, each one connected to the specific printer. Receive incoming print jobs and greet customers ready to pay you.

I have an Android device

First please install TeamPrinter Spot for Android from Google Play or directly from our site Since Android does not have an easy way to work with your printers, you’ll need to find them when you create Printing Profiles. Our app will detect your printers, finding the right driver for each one. We support printers connected via Wi-Fi (they need to be on the same network as your device), Bluetooth (the printer needs to be in the range of 5-6 feet) or USB OTG cable that every printer comes with (you might need to get a small USB adaptor for your Android device).

Note: If you printer supports Wi-Fi, you may connect it to the device itself, acting as Access Point (providing Wi-Fi to other devices). This way you don’t need any additional equipment and/or separate network.

How do I get paid?

When the users come to pick up the printout, they will be already aware of the total cost based on the pricing you enter for each Printing Profile (printing setup) and the number of pages they wish to print. The easiest way to get paid is in cash or with a credit card on-site. We also support online credit card payments through Stripe, where you would need to register in order to provide this payment option. Unlike Uber, we don’t take a cut of your money. You collect all the users’ pay, minus credit card processing fee if you chose to allow this option.

Is TeamPrinter free?

TeamPrinter service is free, and always will be, for the end-users — the people who print. PrintSpot owners can manage their pricing for each Printing Profile any way they like. They can even offer free prints if they wish to. For PrintSpot owners, the service is free to try. After the trial period, they would have to subscribe for $9.95 per month.

The subscription is going to stay free for the early adopters so hurry up!.

What can I print?

From a computer, say your laptop, you can print anything you like — just install TeamPrinter designed for your platform and click on “File” > “Print” in any application such as web browser, Email, Microsoft Word, etc. From a mobile device, you can print images and documents, including sharing those from cloud services such as Google Drive. We are planning to expand the list of supported content types in the future.

Where can I print?

You can print anywhere you are, as long as there are PrintSpots (participating providers) in the area. You will see those on the map in the TeamPrinter app with more details about their services and pricing, directions and contacts. You can navigate the map by either scrolling it or by searching for a specific location. Once a PrintSpot is selected, choose “Print Here”. Make sure you or someone you trust will get there to pick up the papers. Moreover, you can contact PrintSpot owners for any special delivery needs if necessary. If you don’t see any PrintSpots in the area, consider joining the team and become a PrintSpot owner yourself.

Can someone else see my printouts?

No. In order to print, the PrintSpot owner will need to input a unique access code that only you will know. Without this code, no one can print or see your content. A word of caution though: you need to reasonably trust the service provider where you are going to physically go to pick up the papers. You can contact them before going there.

How do I pay for printing?

Prior to sending a print job to a PrintSpot, you will see the pricing provided by the spot owner and the total amount based on the number of pages you intend to print. Many owners would accept on-site payments like cash, credit cards or mobile wallets. However, some may allow online credit payments provided by Stripe so that when you come to pick up the papers it will be pre-paid already. Note that online payments are subject to a minimum amount due to the credit card processing fees.