Turn Paper into Cash!

Offer printing service

Turn paper into cash. Open and run your own PrintSpot wherever you are. Start making money with us today. Do you know Uber? This is the same thing for printing. You are the driver and your printer is your car.

Print anywhere you go

Print documents and photos directly from your mobile device or computer to a nearby PrintSpot wherever you go. Pay and pick up the printouts in minutes.

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Early adopters needed. Start printing service in your area today and become early adopter. For a limited time we offer PrintSpot service at no cost to you (yes, it's free). Join the team and start making money. At some point we will start changing a subscription fee for PrintSpot owners. However first early adopters will not be affected and can continue enjoy our free service while making money. We promise.
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I want to offer printing services and make money

What do I need?

All you need is a Windows computer (Android solution is coming soon) and at least one working printer connected to it via USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Make sure you can print yourself.

You need to register with TeamPrinter and create PrintSpot to get your service visible to other people. It is free with no credit card required.

Create PrintSpot

PrintSpot is where you offer printing services. You need to define its location on the map and/or enter physical address, give it a name and enter basic information: contacts, welcome message, currency, etc.. This is what the users will see when they find you.

Advertise your PrintSpot by all means possible.

Create Printing Profile(s)

Printing Profile is the type of service you offer. For example, you may wish to provide Document and Photo printing. These would be two separate profiles.

Each Printing Profile is linked to a specific physical printer, has its own settings and pricing. The end users won’t see the printers you have, but they will see your profiles and be able to print to them.

You can create as many Printing Profiles as you need, add, change or delete them at any time. With at least one your Printing Spot is online and your are good to go!

Receive Print Jobs

Once people start finding your service, they will send print jobs to you. Each job has a unique code that the users would know. They will come to your Print Spot to pick up the paper. You can find each job by the code and schedule it for printing (or reject) in one click.

What About Money?

Your PrintSpot defines home currency for your country (feel free to use a different one if you like), and each Printing Profile has per-page price you offer for your service. This is what the users will see and agree with prior to printing.

When they come to your PrintSpot to pick up the paper they’ll pay by cash, credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc..

Frequent users may choose to prepay. However, this would require you to setup a Payment Profile with us. Please read more.

Is TeamPrinter Service Free?

We offer TeamPrinter at no cost for early adopters. Hurry up and join the team. Going forward, the service will be free to try with $9.95 per month subscription (early adopters will not be affected).

We don’t take a cut from your proceeds unlike Uber and other services. This is entirely between you and your customers. You can even offer printing for free if you wish.

Have a Good Print!

I want to print anywhere I go

How to Print?

You can print to a location near you, it is quite simple:

  • Launch the TeamPrinter app on your device or computer.
  • Find a PrintSpot on the map near you and tap “Print Here” to select it.
  • Consider the type of service and prices the selected PrintSpot provides.
  • Preview the content and adjust printing options if needed: the number of copies, orientation, etc.
  • Finally, click “Print” and collect the printouts. Yes, it’s that easy.

You can print to a remote location too. Just use the location search or scroll the map to choose a local service elsewhere. Make sure you or someone you trust will be able to pick up the paper.

What to Print?

You can print various types of content:

  • Photos and pictures (JPG, PNG, GIF)
  • PDFs
  • Documents

You can print the same content from various cloud storage services of your choice: from Google Drive, One Drive and so on.

How to pay?

Most of the PrintSpots are offering printing services for a fee. You’ll see the pricing information and the total cost for your print job. If the details and the price are correct, choose how you would like to pay.

Different PrintSpot owners may prefer different payment methods, but the main ones are mostly the same:

  • Cash
  • Credit card

If you are a frequent user, you may wish to prepay with a major credit card. When you come to a PrintSpot, the printouts will be there waiting for you. And no money talks. Just “Thank you for your business.”

TeamPrinter for Android TeamPrinter for iOS
TeamPrinter for Windows TeamPrinter for Mac